KROSS is a Romanian think-tank connected to the global scientific and academic knowledge networks and with particular expertise in the Black Sea and the wider Balkan region.



KROSS aspires to be a bold and agile organization striving for the most effective impact in terms of head building and human capital creation both locally and internationally.

KROSS strongly believes in transdisciplinarity as the most effective and efficient approach for scientific research and knowledge advancement.  



KROSS has the mission to produce and connect to the global knowledge community, valuable contributions from the Romanian research and education environments.

KROSS has the mission to contribute to the development of Romanian human capital by bringing together public and private organizations committed to the advancement of the knowledge economy.

KROSS has the mission to assert itself as a transdisciplinary incubator of ideas, connecting competences from various academic and scientific fields, fostering research projects and organizing specific events.



KROSS believes that strategy is not primarily about planning. It is about intentional, informed, and integrated choices in a competitive environment.



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