Our strategy is reflected by the activity conducted within each of the ongoing research programs. In order to achieve a valuable competence portfolio, KROSS has decided:


  • To develop new scientific ideas, projects, and research networks on its own (the “bottom-up” approach);


  • To act like a knowledge hub and foster valuable partnerships through a strategic initiation process that joins competences according to the transdisciplinary and multifunctional vision (the “top-down” approach).   


Each research program was devised as a reunion of components, a component addressing a particular thematic. This structure allows for a greater flexibility and facilitates the interaction between different teams of researchers. A research seminar is a permanent activity focused on a broader given thematic, developed through one or more of the existing components.  


The research seminars will make use of the advancements in information technology. Whenever possible, activities will be developed in a virtual environment, through the use of online software applications.




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